Dental Care for Students

Dental Care at Discounted Costs

As a student at participating colleges and universities, you may be eligible for $0 for check-ups and teeth cleaning in addition to extended dental coverage and fee discounts. For details on your coverage, click on a link to your school below.

StudentCare Dental Network

The StudentCare Dental Network provides discounts to students enrolled in select Ontario colleges and universities.


Qualified students have the option to receive check-ups and teeth cleaning at no cost through their school dental insurance plan. The H. A. Dental Group team is available to assist you in understanding and utilizing your student dental coverage. Feel free to reach out to the nearest H. A. Dental Group location for assistance.

Brampton Dentist Checkups and Examinations

The Studentcare Dental Network consists of dental practitioners situated throughout Ontario. When you visit a dental clinic affiliated with the network, you can enjoy a discount ranging from 20% to 30%.

This could potentially result in the coverage of 100% of your dental expenses through the Dental Plan. Select your school from the list provided below to discover details about your coverage and to schedule your check-up and cleaning appointment with H. A. Dental Group.

Consistent dental maintenance plays a crucial role in overall oral hygiene. Regular dental check-ups, including cleanings, and adhering to a effective daily oral care routine are essential aspects of preventive dental hygiene.

Additionally, regular dental examinations enable your dentist to identify any potential or emerging issues, allowing for the creation of a treatment strategy before they escalate into more serious problems.

Dentist in Brampton

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We are proud of our team comprising highly skilled dentists, specialists, and hygienists who are committed to delivering exceptional dental care, aiming to be the preferred affordable family dentist in the Brampton region.


Employing advanced technologies like Digital X-Rays, Intra-oral scanners, and cameras, we ensure the provision of high-quality dental solutions that contribute to maintaining a brighter smile for our patients. We are dedicated to the belief that everyone should have access to quality dental care, and we work towards making our services both affordable and accessible to all.

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