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    • Teeth Cleaning
    • ​​Teeth Polishing
    • ​Take home Hygiene Kit after Treatment
    • ​Fluoride Treatment to Prevent Cavities
    • ​Comprehensive Oral Exam including x-rays
    • ​Oral cancer screening
    • ​Gum assessment


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    Meet The Doctor

    Dr. Harshvir Aujla

    Owner & Dentist

    Dr. Aujla, affectionately referred to as Dr. A, holds the position of lead dentist at H. A. Dental Group, catering to the oral health needs of the Brampton community. Graduating with a dental degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Aujla demonstrates a strong academic foundation in dentistry.

    senior Dr. Harshvir Aujla of Affordable Family Dentist in Brampton

    Noteworthy is Dr. Aujla’s accreditation to practice minimal sedation, commonly referred to as laughing gas, showcasing a commitment to ensuring a comfortable and anxiety-free experience for her patients. This qualification adds an extra layer of assurance for those seeking a dentist in Brampton who prioritizes patient comfort. Dr. Aujla’s team at H. A. Dental Group shares in this dedication, providing comprehensive dental care to individuals of all ages, including children.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it necessary to visit the dentist regularly?

    The frequency of dental exams depends on individual oral health requirements, aiming to identify and address minor issues promptly. For many individuals, a dental exam every six months is recommended. However, your dentist might advise more or less frequent visits based on factors such as your oral hygiene practices, specific dental issues that require monitoring or treatment, the rate at which tartar accumulates on your teeth, and other relevant considerations.

    Is it necessary to undergo X-rays during every dental visit?

    The frequency of X-rays during dental visits is contingent on your oral health status. A generally healthy adult without recent cavities or dental issues may not require X-rays at every appointment, especially if there have been a couple of years of stability. However, if your dental condition is less predictable, and your dentist is closely monitoring your progress or addressing ongoing issues, more frequent X-rays may be recommended to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your oral health.

    What is the process for transferring dental records?

    Dental records are the property of the dentist who administered the treatment, not the patient. Dentists are obligated to retain records for a specified duration, as mandated by their provincial dental regulatory body. If you decide to switch to a new dentist, you can initiate the transfer of your records by making a request to your former dentist. They will then provide a copy of your records to your chosen new dentist, facilitating continuity of care and ensuring your oral health history is accessible to the new dental practitioner.

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