Dentures in Brampton: Full, Partial, and Complete Denture Services

Denture serve as artificial teeth to restore both the aesthetic and functional aspects of a person’s smile in case they lose their natural teeth due to factors like aging, illness, or accidents. Dentures are custom-made to fit snugly within the mouth, providing support from the oral tissues and adjacent remaining teeth.

Our smiles are a crucial aspect of our unique identity, and our primary aim is to ensure that our patients regain a natural-looking smile by tailoring their dentures to perfection.

Dentures come in two primary types: complete and partial dentures.

Complete Denture:

Complete dentures are recommended when a patient needs to replace all the teeth in either the upper or lower jaw, or both. These denture is crafted from materials like acrylic or porcelain to closely resemble the appearance of natural teeth.

Partial Denture:

Partial dentures consist of a plastic base containing one or more false teeth, constructed using plastic or metal materials. They also have clips that attach to existing natural teeth. After the initial assessment and placement of partial denture, your dentist may require additional visits to fine-tune them, ensuring the most comfortable fit possible.

Immediate Dentures:

Immediate dentures are used when one or more teeth need to be removed from a patient’s mouth. Consequently if a patient is missing teeth and prefers not to wait for their gums to fully heal after tooth extraction, immediate dentures are an excellent choice.

It offer several advantages. You can wear them right away, promoting faster healing. Adjusting to speaking with immediate dentures is also easier and quicker compared to the process of initially learning to speak without dentures and then re-learning to speak with them.

Maintaining Denture & Partials:

It’s crucial to clean your dentures and partials thoroughly after every meal. This includes brushing the artificial teeth, the gums, and the prosthetic itself. Partials with hooks tend to trap more dental plaque, which can heighten the risk of cavities. Therefore, maintaining proper oral hygiene is paramount.

When it comes to nightly care, it’s essential to remove your dentures and partials before sleeping. They should be placed in water or a cleaning solution available at your local pharmacy. Wearing them continuously for 24 hours a day should be avoided for overall oral health.

For information about dentures in Brampton, reach out to the Dr. Harshvir Aujla Dental Centre.